Ari Emanuel's Treadmill Desk Starts Hollywood Trend

Issue 32 TOWN Emanuel Treadmill - P 2013

Issue 32 TOWN Emanuel Treadmill - P 2013

The WME chief's new setup inspired 20 others inside his agency -- and it's spreading to Paramount and Sony.

This story first appeared in the Sept. 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. 

Forward, march! WME head Ari Emanuel installed one of those newfangled treadmill desks in his office, and about 20 employees at the firm have followed suit.

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"I tear through my work because you get so singularly minded about what you are doing," WME agent Adriana Alberghetti told THR on Sept. 6 at the Lucky Them afterparty in Toronto. "You have to, or else you fall off!"

She added that during the past few weeks, she has convinced Paramount president Adam Goodman and Sony production president Hannah Minghella to buy them as well.