Ariana Grande Donates $250,000 to Planned Parenthood in Georgia

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AG
Ariana Grande

The pop star gave a large portion of the proceeds from her recent concert in Atlanta to the organization, after the state passed a six-week abortion ban.

As restrictive abortion bills sweep through state legislatures across the country, Ariana Grande is donating proceeds from her June 8 concert in Atlanta to Planned Parenthood in Georgia as part of her continued support of women's rights and access to health care. 

"Ariana Grande’s generous donation comes at a critical time — in Georgia and across the country, anti-women’s health politicians are trying to ban all safe, legal abortion," Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen, MD, said in a statement, revealing Grande donated $250,000. "This is not what the American people want, nor is it something they’ll stand for. Thanks to inspiring support like hers, Planned Parenthood can continue to fight back — in the courts, in Congress, in state houses and in the streets — against these dangerous attacks on people's health and lives."

Added Dr. Wen, "We are so grateful to Ariana for her longstanding commitment to supporting women’s rights and standing with Planned Parenthood to defend access to reproductive health care. We won’t stop fighting — no matter what."

Last month, Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp signed a six-week abortion ban into law. The ban has sparked widespread opposition from business leaders, the film and entertainment industry and activists across all parts of Georgia.

Netflix's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, has spoken out against the ban, acknowledging that the streaming service has "many women working on productions in Georgia, whose rights, along with millions of others, will be severely restricted by this law. It's why we will work with the ACLU and others to fight it in court."

The law is not expected to be implemented until January. In the meantime, Netflix plans to continue to film in Georgia. However, the company has shared its support for artists who choose not to work in the state because of the abortion ban. Sarandos said that Netflix would "rethink our investment in Georgia" if the law does eventually go into effect.

Along with Grande, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Halsey and Rihanna are among the stars who have condemned the ban. More than 300 Georgia business leaders have also publicly denounced the ban, and more than 6,000 Georgians have signed a petition opposing it.

Georgia is just one of the states to adopt abortion bans in recent months. That list also includes Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Utah.