Ariana Grande Talks Donut-Licking Incident: "There's Nothing to Justify It"

Courtesy of Good Morning America

She said disappointing people was "excruciating."

Ariana Grande went on Good Morning America on Tuesday to talk about the launch of her perfume line -- and she discussed her donut-licking controversy.

"First of all, I mean, my behavior was very offensive, and I apologized," said Grande. "There's no excuse or there's nothing to justify it."

In July, Grande was captured on a security camera licking donuts and saying she hated America.

"As human beings we all say and do things that we don't mean at all sometimes," said Grande. "And we have to learn from it." She added, "We have to learn from our mistakes, and that's how we grow."

Grande said she has learned from her experience, and when asked how, she explained, "I think one of the biggest things I learned from that was what it feels like to disappoint so many people who love and believe in you, and that's an excruciating feeling."

The singer added that people have to really think about what they do or say "because it's important."

She went on to talk about her "sweet and yummy" perfume called Ari and revealed she will be announcing the first single from her new album this week.

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