Ariana Grande Will Not Be Charged for Allegedly Licking Donuts

Ariana Grande at Wolfee Donuts

Wolfee Donuts elected not to press charges against the singer and backup dancer Ricky Alvarez.

Ariana Grande will not have to face legal repercussions for her recent bout of "deliberate food tampering," as the Riverside County Sheriff's Department put it. According to a statement from the sheriff's office, Wolfee Donuts elected not to press charges against the singer and backup dancer Ricky Alvarez after they were caught on camera apparently licking donuts on the shop's counter.

"Donutgate" already caused some fallout for Grande, who since has apologized (twice), both for the alleged donut-licking and for the comments she made, which included saying, "I hate America."

Wolfee Donuts also suffered in the wake of the incident: Its health-department grade went from an A to a B.

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