Arianna Huffington's Role at AOL Narrowed to Focus on Huffington Post

7 REP Arianna Huffington
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for TIME Inc

She originally had editorial oversight of all AOL properties when the online company acquired her site, but she shoots down rumors that she could leave AOL.

Arianna Huffington said Thursday that her role at AOL is being narrowed to focus on the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal reported.

When AOL acquired the Huffington Post for $315 million last year, she was put in charge of editorial content across all AOL properties, including tech news destination TechCrunch, MovieFone and others.

Over the past year, reports had cited tensions between Huffington and the leaders of some of the other AOL sites, leading to staff departures at the likes of TechCrunch.

In recent weeks, there had been reports about a changing balance of power at AOL and the division of labor between Huffington and AOL chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong. Some had suggested a potential bigger or more independent role for Huffington, but her comments on Thursday were the clearest to-date from the players involved. She said the change was finalized this week.

"What I asked for is for us to be more independent, to have technology, marketing and [business development] now into Huffington Post, so that we can accelerate all our growth, and for me to be freed up to just concentrate exclusively on HuffPost," Huffington said at the Business Insider's Startup 2012 conference on Thursday, the Journal said.

Huffington has spent more time on a continuing international expansion of the Huffington Post, which has also been working on a streaming video network.

Some have questioned as of late if the Huffington Post could end up being owned by someone other than AOL. Huffington said Thursday that she had been approached by private equity firms, but emphasized she had no plans of leaving, according to the Journal.

It said she described her relationship with Armstrong as solid, saying "all is good."


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