Armarium Pops Up in L.A. for Awards Season With Stylists Micaela Erlanger, Erin Walsh and Sonia Young

Armarium-Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Armarium

In partnership with Livia Firth’s Eco-Age, the luxury rental and styling business offers a more sustainable red carpet option.

For its fourth L.A. pop-up, New York-based online luxury fashion rental and styling business Armarium continues to build on its mission of making sustainable fashion more accessible during awards season. This year, the online platform has teamed up with Livia Firth's communications consultancy Eco-Age and the Green Carpet Challenge initiative — supported in the past by Meryl Streep, Emma Watson and Emily Blunt and designed to place more eco-friendly ensembles on the red carpet — for its newly opened Armarium Pop-Up shop on Melrose Avenue.

With new beauty services from Glamsquad and faux fur from House of Fluff, the pop-up is also brimming with accessories, shoes and gowns (in sizes 0 through 12) from a partnership with Browns (the famous London boutique) as well as labels Bottega Veneta, Leal Daccarett, Marni, Markarian, Ronald van der Kemp and Erdem.

During its inaugural awards season visit last year, Armarium offered sessions with its in-house styling team and Hollywood stylists including Cristina Ehrlich and Sophia Lopez. This year's event is headlined by returning players Erin Walsh (whose clientele includes Alison Brie and Thandie Newton), Micaela Erlanger (known for dressing Lupita Nyong’o and Constance Wu) and Sonia Young, tapped for her efforts in sustainability while dressing stars such as Paris Jackson and Chloe Bennet. Bookings have an hourly fee for an in-person session or a personalized digital lookbook for 10 percent of that rate.  

“An avant garde fashion look that you’ll only wear once is so wasteful," Armarium CEO Trisha Gregory told The Hollywood Reporter. "You may be only wearing it because it fits an occasion, because you’re going to document it for social media or be photographed; but if you go into the purchase knowing that, I think rental is a much more sustainable option.That way you can focus on purchasing more investment options that you’ll wear again and again.“ 

Young agreed: “You don’t have to be a celebrity on the carpet to choose this life. We’re living in a very ‘woke’ age, as Millennials like to say. I think to choose this path [of sustainability] and be socially aware of it makes it really hard to look back. Being part of the sharing economy is the first step towards reducing consumption, not to mention that [Armarium has] amazing pricing. You can have really beautiful pieces versus going to Zara and picking up a dress that everyone is wearing.” 

When it comes to trends, Young forecasts a continuation of ruffles and pops of color on the red carpet, while Walsh added that the bigger trend is wrapped around a sense of purpose and escapism: “You can feel in the air that people are starting to make more fashion-conscious choices versus safe Hollywood choices; you see people trying to up the major fashion stakes versus it being just about movie star glam.”

"In times like this, grim in a variety of ways all over the political and economic spectrum, I think people want to see incredibly beautiful images that are inspiring," says Walsh. "Everyone who was at Valentino couture was crying. There’s a reason for that. I think people want to smile. They want to be inspired. I think you might see more grand over-the-top French drama at the Oscars--whether that’s grand capes and fuller silhouettes, you should expect more romance and high fashion in keeping with the very dramatic lines that were just shown at couture.” 

On working with Armarium, Walsh said, “I just think it’s so easy and smart. Like all good ideas, when you hear them, you’re like, ‘I should have thought of that.’ It makes sense to have a library like this that’s curated in a rather fashionable way without being commercialized. It’s an extension of your closet without the investment. It’s curated so well you’re not going to risk getting a bad option.”

Armarium pop-up shop; 8406 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood; open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Feb. 25.