Armie Hammer Reveals What It's Like to Be Directed by Stanley Tucci

Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer - Final Portrait Premiere - Getty - H 2018
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

From post-shoot martinis to surprising his cast with rugby players, the star dished on his experience making the upcoming drama 'Final Portrait' with the actor-turned-director.

Armie Hammer shared his thoughts about being directed by Stanley Tucci in the drama Final Portrait during a special screening Monday at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. 

“He’s a charming son of a bitch,” Hammer told The Hollywood Reporter of Tucci, who also wrote the script for the pic, which tells the story of artist Alberto Giocometti as he paints his last portrait of American-journalist James Lord.

Working with Tucci included a post-shoot martini tradition, recap sessions that took place following each day of shooting and the actor-director's habit of asking the stars of the film where “they would like to dine” each evening.

Hammer also touched on his most memorable day of working on this film. Sitting in a pub during the film’s shoot, he was met by “six of the largest human beings” he had ever met: members of the Richmond rugby team in the U.K. Months later, Hammer is now a sponsor of the team.

“It was the best part about making the movie, except for working with Stanley Tucci,” he said.

Introducing the film to an audience of about 150 attendees, Hammer proclaimed that they were about to witness an intimate look at the artistic process.

Final Portrait bows Friday.