Armie Hammer Talks 'Call Me By Your Name': "Everything Just Felt So Safe On This"

"We had such freedom to explore and to be ourselves and to mess up," Hammer says of the film.

"We felt like we were in such capable hands," Armie Hammer told The Hollywood Reporter of his experience on working on the Luca Guadagnino-directed romantic drama Call Me by Your Name. "We felt like we had such freedom to explore, and to be ourselves, and to mess up, and it was all okay. No matter what happened, it felt like we were really protected."

Hammer says he felt so comfortable on set that when he was offered a robe in between takes on nude scenes, he refused. "'It's fine, we're going to shoot it again in a second.' You just feel safe."

Hammer also explained to the Roundtable why he is no longer on Twitter, saying, "I have very little impulse control, and I couldn't stop myself from saying something to somebody. You're just adding oxygen to a fire. All of a sudden you've got a conflagration. All of a sudden something that doesn't exist in the real world at all is something that you're thinking about. Something takes up broadband in your brain. You could so easily be focused on something so much more productive. If you just put your phone down, it goes away, and it's gone. It's not real. It's not anything concrete. It just was a waste of time."

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