Army Special Forces Veteran Died in Reality Show Helicopter Crash

Discovery Channel Helicopter Crash - H 2013

Discovery Channel Helicopter Crash - H 2013

Michael Donatelli, a cast member on an "untitled military show" in production for Discovery channel, had previously served as a member of the Delta Force while in Iraq.

One of the three victims of the early morning fatal helicopter crash in Acton, Calif., was an Army Special Forces veteran, the New York Times reports

Michael Donatelli, 45, had retired from the military five years ago after serving for 20 years -- including as a member of the Delta Force while serving in Iraq, according to the Times

STORY: Three Dead in Discovery Reality Show Helicopter Crash

Donatelli was a cast member in what was described by the show's production company, Eyeworks USA, as an "untitled military show" for the Discovery channel.

“They were supposed to do six episodes," Donatelli's father, William, told the Times. "They were working on the first one."

The helicopter -- which is said to have crashed around 3:40 a.m. Sunday --  was flying at Polsa Rosa Movie Ranch on Soledad Canyon Road. Pilot David Gibbs, 59, along with Darren Rydstrom, 45, were also identified as victims, according to multiple reports.