Arnold Schwarzenegger Tweets Photo of On-Set Injury

Sebastien Nogier/AFP/Getty Images

The actor, who is currently shooting action-flick 'The Last Stand,' posted a photo of a large gash on his forehead Friday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is having a rocky return to the movies. 

The actor, who left Hollywood to serve as California's governor, is coming back to the big-screen in Jee-woon Kim 's The Last Stand

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And while Schwarzenegger is no stranger to action, the filming got a little too real Thursday. The actor tweeted a photo of a large, bloody gash on his forehead, saying, "Got a little banged up on set today. Thanks to the medical staff who got me back in action an hour later!"

But, he didn't seem distressed, Schwarzenegger was smiling in the photo. He plays a sheriff trying to stop a local drug lord from escaping across the border to Mexico in the film, which is set to open in 2013.