Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends Free Press, Encourages Newspaper Subscription After Shooting

"Some days, I don't agree with the media. Some days, they are a fantastic sparring partner," the actor, and former governor, says.

On Friday, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his condolences for the five reporters killed at a community newspaper in Maryland the previous day, while also defending a free press, which has been under attack since Donald Trump became president.

The film star, and former Republican governor of California, has had his public and private life under a microscope for decades by journalists. And that is OK, he said. 

"Some days, I don't agree with the media. Some days, they are a fantastic sparring partner. But every day, journalists are strong allies of our democracy, shining a light into darkness. My heart goes out to everyone at @capgaznews. Join me in subscribing," Schwarzenegger tweeted, urging his followers to subscribe to the Annapolis newspaper.

He followed that post up with: "I know that my career would have been impossible without the media. But more importantly, journalists put their lives in danger to bring us information — they should never be threatened in their newsrooms. Becoming a digital subscriber to support their work is the least I can do."

Thursday afternoon, a man in his late 30s walked in and began shooting the staff of the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, killing five and injuring a number of others. The suspect reportedly had a grudge with the paper for a story in which he felt he was libeled.

President Trump, who, like Schwarzenegger, was a Hollywood star before he was elected to office, said on Friday that "Journalists, like all Americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job.” Members of the press were quick to point out via social media that Trump, as recently as a few days ago, called journalists the "enemy of the people."

Schwarzenegger and Trump have also had a feud in the past, both men hosting the now-defunct Celebrity Apprentice. And it seems the feud may have been reignited on Thursday when the Terminator star mocked Trump over the coal industry.

In a video uploaded to media outlet ATTN:, Schwarzenegger, also an environmentalist, said in part, "It is foolish to bring back laughable, outdated technology to suit your political agenda. I mean, what are you going to bring back next? Floppy disks? Fax machines? Beanie Babies? Beepers? Or Blockbuster? Think about it. What if you tried to save Blockbuster?"