Arnold Schwarzenegger Targeted by Street Art Near His Office

Sabo Twins Poster March 14 - Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of Sabo

Fake posters for 'Twins' that ridicule the former governor were all over beach towns.

It's been 30 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared with Danny DeVito in the comedy Twins, but posters using the film as an inspiration nevertheless sprang up Wednesday in Southern California.

In the images, the former governor of California is standing beside a much shorter image of Harvey Weinstein instead of the diminutive DeVito.

In the faux movie posters, which are the work of conservative street artist, Sabo, Schwarzenegger is wearing a large button that reads, "No Fossil Fuels" while Weinstein sports a "No NRA" button. Before sunrise, Sabo plastered the posters all around Venice Beach and Santa Monica, where Schwarzenegger's office resides.

At the bottom of the fake ad is "#MeToo," and the tagline for the movie reads: "Only their victims can tell them apart," a goof on Twins, where Schwarzenegger played a physically impressive, naive and innocent man in search of his long-lost twin, a crooked womanizer played by DeVito.

Schwarzenegger was most recently in the news for saying at the SXSW festival in Texas over the weekend that he is speaking to lawyers about suing oil companies "for knowingly killing people all over the world" by selling a product that causes global warming. 

The faux Twins poster is also timely because Schwarzenegger has been pitching a sequel to the Ivan Reitman-directed movie that he'd call Triplets. The film would star him and DeVito along with Eddie Murphy, Schwarzenegger said last year.

There's probably no need to explain the reference to #MeToo on the poster, but the "their victims" line refers not only to the women Weinstein is accused of harassing, but also allegations from more than a decade ago that Schwarzenegger also mistreated women he worked with in Hollywood, though on a much smaller scale. Schwarzenegger finalized his divorce with Maria Shriver just last year.

Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter he is picking on Schwarzenegger for his hypocrisy and "virtue signaling" as an environmentalist, given he was "tooling around the streets of Hollywood in a huge Hummer back in the days when the skies were literally brown."

Weinstein's anti-NRA button refers to the disgraced studio head's promise to dedicate his time and money to destroying the National Rifle Association as a sort of penance for allegedly assaulting women.  

Sabo has made a name for himself by skewering the entertainment industry's richest and most powerful denizens. His method of operation is to pepper an area with fake, provocative ads belittling a celebrity he disagrees with.

The faux Twins ads popped up Wednesday at multiple bus stops, construction sites and other locations, including on benches where they look remarkably authentic.

Prior to his Twins spoof, Sabo mimicked the Oscar-winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri by hijacking giant signs in Hollywood. After Sabo got a hold of it, one billboard, for example, read:  "And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to ...."