Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon Play "Brainstorm," Mock Rachel Dolezal and 'Magic Mike'

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tonight Show H 2015
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tonight Show H 2015

"What does Chris Christie say after leaving a buffet table?"

Jimmy Fallon kept Arnold Schwarzenegger laughing — or at least smirking — while playing a game of "Brainstorm" on The Tonight Show on Wednesday.

Schwarzenegger would say the Brainstorm "answer," which is basically a name or phrase, and Fallon would come up with a question that corresponded (a la Jeopardy!). For example, the former governor of California said "It's complicated," and Fallon replied with: "How does Rachel Dolezal describe her ethnicity on Facebook?"

Fallon kept the response questions lighthearted, making fun of Chris Christie and Magic Mike along the way. Watch below to see the game unfold, and stay tuned for the questions that go with "Die Hard" and "Carly Fiorina."