Arnold Schwarzenegger on Maria Shriver: 'We Love Each Other Very Much'

Gold Wong/FilmMagic/Getty Images

“We are taking it one day at a time," added the former California governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke publicly about his separation from Maria Shriver in Los Angeles Tuesday.

"I want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our many friends and family for the tremendous amount of support and love that you have given us in the last 24 hours," Schwarzenegger said after being honored at the  63rd Israel Independence Day Celebration.

The former California governor also revealed he had last spoken to his wife of 25 years an hour earlier.

"We both love each other very much ... and we are taking it one day at a time," he said.

His 17-year-old son, Patrick, who is a senior in high school, wrote on Twitter: "Appreciate all your messages. Small speed bump in life, luckily we own hummers, we will cruise right over it. All will be okay. #peace."

Shriver and the former governor of California released a statement Monday night that she had moved out of their Brentwood home. She hinted at troubles in a video released in March.

"This has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us," they said. "After a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. At this time, we are living apart while we work on the future of our relationship."

"We are continuing to parent our four children together," the couple added. "They are the light and the center of both of our lives. We consider this a private matter and neither we nor any of our friends or family will have further comment. We ask for compassion and respect from the media and the public."

Since leaving office, Schwarzenegger has signed on to star in the drama Cry Macho. His reps at CAA also are shopping a package for a new Terminator sequel. In addition, he has partnered with Stan Lee on a Governator comic and animated series, with plans for a movie as well.

In addition to running her women's empowerment site, Shriver recently served as a guest editor on an issue of Oprah Winfrey's magazine, O.