Arnold Schwarzenegger Celebrated With Austrian Museum

The scandal-plagued actor and former California governor addressed adoring fans in his native country on Friday.

While Arnold Schwarzenegger's public image in the U.S. is far from restored, the actor and former bodybuilder is still adored in his home country of Austria.

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Schwarzenegger returned to the village of Thal on Friday, Oct. 7 to inaugurate a museum in his name, featuring his first barbell, photos from his early life and family, the metal bed he slept on as a child, a life-size Terminator model and even the wooden desk from his days as governor of California. According to Fox News, Schwarzenegger was well received by the large crowd of adoring fans.

Accompanied by son Patrick, Schwarzenegger reportedly told ambitious youth to look to him as a role model of success.

"For me, this is not only a museum," he said. "It is also symbol of will… everyone has a chance."

The museum is located near the southern city of Graz in the 200-year-old house where Schwarzenegger was born. Outside the entrance, the actor unveiled one of seven bronze statues that he had commissioned in his likeness. The eight-foot statue depicts the young bodybuilder during his Mr. Universe days.

"My personal success has less to do with millions of dollars or with the headlines in the media that are not always positive and also not with being clapped on the shoulder by Barack Obama and other world names," he said during the inauguration speech. "Personal success is the result of determination, hard work and stubbornness."