'Arrested Development's' Return: What the Fans Are Saying

Reactions to plans for a comeback of one of the most beloved comedy series of the past decade range from ecstatic joy to angry harrumphing.

News that Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz was planning a "mini-season" of his beloved show, to be followed by a feature film, sent fans running to their mobile devices to spread the word through Twitter.

Some were ecstatic; others were more reserved. And still others used the news to root for for the return of other beloved-but-canceled TV shows.

Actor Joshua Malina

"The cast of Sports Night and I are happy to confirm that Arrested Development is coming back for one more season and a feature film!"

Cabbie Richards of TSN's Sportscentre

"EXCITED that Arrested Development is returning to TV! Movie in the works too. Tobias Funke = my favourite character. Who's your fave?"

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Questo of The Roots

"best news ever to wake up to: Arrested Developement to return on air AND movie!!!!!"

PhD student DA Banks

"Murdoch is releasing more Arrested Development because he knows it is one of the few distractions that might stop people from #occupywallst"

"Great White Snark" Gary W.

"Arrested Development back next fall, giving people one more chance to ignore it on broadcast and "discover it" on DVD"

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Robb Hohmann

"Shut up about friggin' Arrested Development and get off of my lawn."

Tom Erickson, former press flack for Tim Pawlenty

"I really hope the Arrested Development team doesn't pull a George Lucas and ruin one of the best shows ever created."

Joss Whedon fan (Twitter motto: In Joss we trust) Amrit Atwal

"If Fox can bring back Arrested Development, it can fricking bring back Firefly. Corporate mules."

St. Louis podcaster Louis Kwok

"Any excitement I have for the return of Arrested Development is tempered by remembering how often I actually watch Futurama currently."

Austin pop culture aficianado Demi Adejuyigbe

"If Arrested Development comes back on Showtime, I will buy a Showtime subscription and cancel it the exact second the show is off the air."

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