J.J. Abrams Makes Surprise Appearance at 'Arrival' Premiere

Amy Adams JJ Abrams - Arrival Premiere - Getty - H - 2016
Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Abrams surprised 'Arrival' stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner on the silver carpet.

The crowd was out of this world with excitement for the arrivals of Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner at the Arrival premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Both stars of the film made sure to take selfies with the slew of crazed fans standing by outside the film's silver carpet. And then it was Adams's and Renner's time to fan out once J.J. Abrams made a surprise appearance. The trio mingled on the carpet, laughing nonstop in between photographers trying to capture the unexpected moment.  

Also unexpected -- well, to Adams's character in the film -- was the alien arrival that touched down on Earth, taking viewers on a mind-bending cinematic adventure. What's one thing Adams wouldn't want arriving in her backyard in real life? She joked to The Hollywood Reporter, "Black widows! They like to take camp in my backyard."

But there's an arrival on set she'll never be afraid of. "We were so lucky to have him for this film," Adams told THR about her reunion with American Hustle co-star Renner. "He is a huge leading man, and he steps into the supporting role with a lot of grace and support. He's a really dear friend, and I value him very much."

One of the biggest fans of the duo's reunion was the film's producer, Shawn Levy, who told THR, "Hanging out with famous people and awesome actors is only a little bit fun." He added, "It's having the best talent available to bring our story to life. This started with us believing in the short story ["Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang] that we found over five years ago. Seeing A-plus actors manifest these characters who were just in our heads -- that's the best part."

The film was followed by an after party at Catch LA, where Renner and Adams chatted it up with Paramount CEO Brad Grey.

Arrival hits theaters on Nov. 11.