Art Directors Guild to Honor Patricia Norris With Lifetime Achievement Award

Production and costume designer will be the second woman to receive the nod.

The Art Directors Guild will bestow its Lifetime Achievement Award on Patricia Norris at its 15th annual Excellence in Production Design Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Feb. 5.

Norris, who began her career as a stock girl in MGM's wardrobe department, has worked as both a production designer and costume designer, playing a dual role on such films as 1995's The Journey of August King, 2003'sThe Singing Detective and 2007's The Assassination of Jesse James.

She has worked with David Lynch on the films Wild at Heart and Lost Highway and the pilot for Twin Peaks. She has been nominated for an Oscar five times and won an Emmy for outstanding art direction for Twin Peaks.

Norris will be the second woman to be awarded ADG's Lifetime Achievement Award, following Jan Scott, who was honored in 2001.

"By celebrating Patricia's life and career, the guild reaffirms the hopes of every young designer regardless of their background or gender, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and overcome the status quo in the pursuit of their creative aspirations," Thomas A. Walsh, ADG Council president, said Monday, as he announced the award along with awards co-producers Dawn Snyder and Tom Wilkins.