Art house pic 'Prince of Tears' finds home

Far Sun Film, Peony 5 Film produced art house film

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CANNES -- French art house distributor Ocean Films and mainstream Hong Kong releasing company Intercontinental Film Distribution have snapped up "Prince of Tears," a new film by Chinese writer-director-producer Yonfan.

The film is produced by Hong Kong's Far Sun Film and Taiwan's Peony 5 Film and is the latest addition to the sales slate of Fortissimo Films.

Fortissimo has rights outside China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

Set in 1950s Taiwan against the backdrop of the island's anti-Communist hysteria, the story examines the friendship, high-minded ideals and dignity of a quartet of characters as the political chaos and criss-cross passions take over.

"Yonfan's sense of style, artistry and storytelling is unique amongst directors in Asia, and with this film he breaks new ground," Fortissimo co-chairman Michael Werner said. "He explores a period of history that has never been covered in film before in a way, which is compelling, soulful and passionate."

"Prince" stars Fan Chih Wei, Cheng Hsiao Tse, Terri Kwan, Joe Chang and debutante Zhu Xuan.

Yonfan previously directed festival favorites "Color Blossoms" and "Peony Pavilion."