Artie Lange Plans to Host Fox Sports Radio Show

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Howard Stern’s former sidekick says his show will begin Sept. 12.

Artie Lange, known for his stint on The Howard Stern Show, says he will finally be returning to the airwaves with a show on Fox Sports Radio on Sept. 12.

Lange said on a podcast, Fixing Joe with Joe Matarese, that he will co-host the show with comedian Nick DiPaolo. He called it a “sports entertainment comedy show.”

“It looks like it’s a definite. They made an offer,” said Lange. “Nothing’s been signed yet, but we’re gonna do it.”

“It’s either this or opening a landscaping business at this point,” he joked.

They may even put the show in a pizzeria or a diner, said Lange. He added that there was a possibility of DirecTV picking up the show.

Lange, who says he is now clean and sober, left The Howard Stern Show in 2009. He spoke on the podcast about dealing with his drug addiction and anxiety, which he called a “25-year daze.”

Lange has been out of the spotlight since his trouble with substance abuse and his apparent suicide attempt in 2010.

Lange said in the last year and a half he had been in two rehabilitation facilities and three psych wards. “You haven’t lived till you’ve played Scrabble in a psych ward,” Lange joked. “It’s really a fun time.”