Artificial Eye takes 'Antichrist' for the U.K.

Among rights for other Festival de Cannes winners

LONDON -- Lars von Trier's Festival de Cannes entry "Antichrist" is coming to U.K. theaters courtesy of indie distributor Artificial Eye.

Von Trier's movie sparked a furor among critics and viewers alike during Cannes this year, with von Trier igniting controversy after using the news conference for the movie, which includes a scene of self-mutilation of female genitalia, to declare himself the greatest director ever.

The picture's leading actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg, won the festival's best actress nod for her portrayal of a woman coming to terms with the loss of a child.

A specialty art house distributor, Artificial Eye also said it has taken U.K. rights to Un Certain Regard prizewinner "Le Pere De Mes Enfants" (Father of My Children).

Heading into Cannes, the distributor prebought U.K. rights to both Michael Haneke's sinister Palme d'Or winner "The White Ribbon" and Andrea Arnold's Jury Prize winner "Fish Tank."