Artist Recreates Jackie Chan's Face With 64,000 Chopsticks (Video)

Hong Yi at work on her Jackie Chan project

Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname "Red," created the portrait as a birthday present to the action star, who turned 60 earlier this week.

Hong Kong-born action superstar Jackie Chan celebrated his 60th birthday earlier this week, becoming perhaps the world's most spry sexagenarian.

And the martial arts legend was paid a suitably time-intensive tribute as he passed the late-mid-life milestone.

Malaysian-born artist Hong Yi, who also goes by the nickname "Red," whipped up a portrait of Chan's likeness composed of an estimated 64,000 chop sticks. She presented the work to the actor at a birthday charity concert held in Beijing on Monday. Along the side of the portrait, bamboo holders with wooden skewers were used to create the Chinese character "long" (dragon), in reference to Chan’s original stage name, Cheng Long.

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Hong has expressed her admiration for famous Chinese artists via intricate tedium before. She previously employed hundreds of socks to create a portrait of director Zhang Yimou and 100 million sunflower seeds to form a likeness of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

See the video documenting Hong's Jackie Chan project below.

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