'The Artist' Star Jean DuJardin Takes the Mens' Fashion Cake During Golden Globe Week

Jean Dujardin Cannes Film Festival - H 2011

Jean Dujardin Cannes Film Festival - H 2011

The men at the Critics' Choice Awards and the BAFTA tea during Globe week were almost as natty and catered to by tailors as the ladies.

One does not expect men, even actors, to be all that designer conscious with their clothing. Sure, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt know their way around a suit, as does George Clooney. But most men just don't. So we were surprised to see men on the red carpet this week wearing a bit of color (midnight blue), a bit of shine (producer Todd Lieberman's Prada at the Critics Choice Awards) and unusual cuts -- most very tailored, as close-cut is the stylish noir look for mens' suits right now.

Pitt's suit at the Critics Choice was by Gucci -- he changes up his labels, going from Tom Ford to Dolce to this -- but his suits are always slightly different in their cuts. He clearly gets that shape and cut are everything.

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Clooney was in Armani, as he always is, and the label was gracious enough to make his girlfriend a specially cut white halter gown as well.

Young Asa Butterfield of Hugo is only 14, but he was wearing a very spiffy Dolce & Gabbana that he was extremely proud of. "I"m wearing Dolce," he was telling journalists in his polished British accent.

But our male fashion hero of the moment is The Artist's Jean DuJardin. The dapper French actor (who plays a dapper American actor in the silent film) wore a Lanvin suit to the Critic's Choice Awards and a Dior Homme suit to the BAFTA tea, with a Lanvin shirt.

Yes, he is wearing all French designers! It's loyal, smart and tres jolie. "Of course I will wear a French designer to the Golden Globes," he told THR through his translator. "We're on a lucky streak so far, so why curse it?"

We ran into Colin Firth at an event he and his wife Livia gave at the Soho House on Saturday afternoon for her eco-friendly fashion initiative. Colin, ever dapper, will be presenting at the Globes on Sunday as he was the winner last year. And what will he be wearing?

"My good friend Tom Ford," he said, smiling. Of course, Firth was the star of Ford's first film A Single Man.