'The Artist's' Uggie to Plant His Paws in Cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Uggie The Dog
Getty Images

Uggie, the dog star of The Artist, walks the red carpet before the show shortly after the four-legged thespian ended his a British press tour.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is hosting the "retirement party" to promote the home entertainment release of the dog's Oscar-winning movie.

Uggie, the limelight-courting Jack Russell terrier who became a fixture on the Hollywood scene during last year’s awards-season campaign on behalf of best picture Oscar winner The Artist, has added another date to his farewell tour as he approaches his impending retirement.

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Although his trainer Omar Von Muller had said that the perky pooch’s appearance on February's Oscar show would be his last hurrah, Uggie will make one more curtain call at 10 a.m. June 25 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to plant his paws in its fabled cement.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, which is releasing The Artist on Blu-ray and DVD on June 26, is hosting the event billed as a retirement party, at which the canine celebrity is scheduled to arrive by fire engine. Duff Goldman, the pastry chef featured on Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, also will be on hand, bringing with him a cake in the shape of a fire hydrant.

Of course, showbiz performers are notorious for announcing their retirements only to then stage inevitable comeback appearances, so it’s a safe bet Uggie's career is only playing dead.