Artists sing out in debate over net neutrality


A group of the nation's hottest new-music talent plans to inject themselves into the national policy debate over the so-called "network neutrality" doctrine by issuing a music compilation in the name of an open Internet.

Such acts as Wilco, They Might Be Giants, Aimee Mann and Guster were recruited by the Future of Music Coalition to release a CD at the end of July that they hope will underscore the importance of the policy debate going on in Washington.

"The Future of Music Coalition Presents: Rock the Net" will be released July 29 and includes work from 15 artists.

The other acts on "Rock the Net," according to the coalition, are the Wrens, Bright Eyes, DJ Spooky, Vernon Reid, Matthew Ship, David Bazan, Palomar, the Classic Brown, Portastatic, BC Camplight and David Miller.(partialdiff)