Arts Alliance Media Strikes South East Asia Pact With Goldenduck Group

PVR Cinemas - H 2017
Courtesy of PVR Cinemas

With a second-quarter profit of $4.25 million, Indian theater chain PVR Cinemas is a leader in that country's rapidly expanding exhibition sector.

U.K. based digital cinema company will provide theater management systems across Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

BARCELONA, Spain -- Digital exhibition player Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Bangkok, Thailand based Goldenduck Group (GDG) have inked a strategic partnership which will see AAM offer its Theatre Management System (TMS) and Virtual Print Fee (VPF) management via GDG's role as a cinema integrator and deployment company in the region.

The deal expands AAM's presence in movie houses throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam with potential in Myanmar as business rapidly expands in that country.

AAM’s digital cinema software presence exceeds 12,000 screens with ambitions to hit 18,000 in the coming months. The GDG partnership is expected to add over 500 screens to AAM's tally.

For screens which operate under a VPF (Virtual Print Fee) system, GDG will utilize AAM’s custom built software which manages reconciliation of distributor and exhibitor booking reports against playout data from secure logs, to provide accurate billing.

Arts Alliance Media CEO Howard Kiedaisch trumpeted the partnership as his company's "first South East Asian pact" to add to its global portfolio of software customers.

Goldenduck Group president Sittporn  Srisaguansakul said: "We have been working in digital cinema in Asia since its inception and spent a lot of time and effort evaluating software from different providers:  Arts Alliance Media’s stood out as being comprehensive and flexible."