'Manchester by the Sea's' Kenneth Lonergan: "There's as Many Ways to Make a Film as There Are Films" | Writer Oscar Roundtable

The writer-director-playwright notes Stanley Kubrick, Marcel Proust and Werner Herzog as some of the creators he finds most inspiring.

"By the time I was finished writing the script, I liked it a lot," Manchester by the Sea screenwriter Kenneth Longergan told The Hollywood Reporter during the Writer Roundtable. "I liked the characters and I liked the setting. I had learned a lot about that part of the world. It takes place in Cape Ann, Mass. I lived with it in an enjoyable way for two years, and it wasn't a big leap to want to direct it once the idea was put to me."

The twice-Oscar-nominated screenwriter (Gangs of New York, You Can Count on Me) shared his process during the Roundtable. "My first pass on it was not very interesting, so I had a year of really struggling with it and not liking it. So I started over, and it got better. It usually takes me about two years. It will take me six to eight months to write a first draft that I like and the remainder of time to make it 10-20 percent better."

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