Ascent role goes to Stambaugh


Ascent Media Group named Paul Stambaugh vp global restoration services and managing director of its Valencia-based film lab Cinetech.

"As an industry we have to do everything we can to be sure films are being preserved and restorated as they should," Stambaugh said. "With digital coming along, we have a whole new set of tools, giving us the ability to do things we couldn't do in photochemical processes. This is a time to look at the libraries and what can be done digitally that could not have been done before."

Stambaugh brings more than four decades of experience in managing film laboratories and most recently served as managing director of Technicolor's film lab in Bangkok. Earlier, he served as vp of Technicolor/CFI Film Preservation and Imaging Group, based in Hollywood.

"Paul is an imaginative leader and is extremely knowledgeable about the state of the international film industry" said Ascent Creative Services president Bob Solomon. "We look to benefit from his unique skills as we bring our photochemical and digital restoration expertise to our global facilities."

Ascent Media Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Holding Company.