Ashley Graham and Her Mom Rode Camels for the Latest Swimsuits for All Campaign

Swimsuits for All - Morocco Editorials - Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of Swimsuits for All

Bonding time.

It's been a whirlwind few years for Ashley Graham, who burst onto the scene in 2016 when she was the first plus-size model to nab a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover. 

Since then she's become a literal poster child for the body positivity movement, snagging coveted runway gigs and designer campaigns along the way. And for all of her success, Graham thanks her mom. 

"My mom has been my role model since childhood and has played a vital role in developing my confidence," said Graham in a release for her fifth collection for Swimsuits for All. "She promoted body positivity in our household before it was a movement." For this reason, Graham invited her mama, Linda Graham, to star alongside her in the campaign for her newest 13-piece collection of one-pieces, bikinis and cover-ups, which are available in sizes 4 to 22. "Plus, she's hot and looks incredible in the suits!"

The mother-daughter duo was photographed in Morocco doing Morocco things, like riding camels and lounging along mosaic tile-lined pools of blue. 

"I haven't worn a bikini since the '80s!" said Linda in the release. "I don't think I could have uncovered that inner strength without Ashley. That makes being a part of this campaign so much more special — she's my rock and inspired me at age 53 to be proud of my body again after I lost my own fortitude."

Since she began collaborating with the New Jersey-based swimwear line, Ashley has recruited women of different sizes, ethnicities and ages to star in her campaigns. 

The fall collection is now available online; prices range from $102 to $108.