Ashley Graham Talks Cat-Calls, Talk Show Dreams

Ashley Graham Swimsuits For All Campaign - H 2016
Courtesy of Swimsuitsforall

Oprah 2.0?

Ashley Graham is the next multihyphenate to watch.

After breaking ground as the first-ever plus-size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, the 28-year-old leveraged her public platform to her advantage in order to champion the cause of body positivity, using each project (including her role as the love interest in DNCE's latest music video, "Toothbrush") as an opportunity to teach self-love.

But this model doesn't just look good in clothes — she designs them, too. A successful collaboration with Canadian lingerie brand Addition Elle not only landed her on Forbes' 30 Under 30 List, but segued into collaborations with Dress Barn and, most recently, Swimsuitsforall ($55-$278). 

Graham, whose relationship with the swim retailer dates back to the 2015 campaign which was printed in last year's SI Swimsuit Issue, used her veteran knowledge of the industry to create a collection of sexy, supportive swimwear that women of all sizes can feel glamorous (and secure) wearing. Pret-a-Reporter caught up with the jet-setting supermodel to chat about swimsuit shopping, cat-calls and talk show dreams.

No. 1 tip for swimsuit shopping or swimsuit-shopping mantra?

I always remind myself that the lighting in dressing rooms is unflattering. Also, look for suits that support your boobs. It will make a huge difference overall.

What’s the best self-tanner?

I love the St. Tropez tanner — it’s really natural and smells great. I always wear sunscreen, too.

Tips for preventing a bikini wedgie?

To prevent a wedgie you have to make sure you have the right size bottom. I love string bikinis like my Espionage suit — you can adjust the sides and never have to worry.

Women in bathing suits can receive a lot of attention from men — some wanted, some unwanted. How do you respond to cat-calls?

I whistle right back! Got to give those men a taste of their own medicine.

Are there any other body positivity activists you look up to, or you think deserve more attention?

I am inspired by all of the women who support body positivity and diversity. I am constantly wowed by all of these beautiful, curvy women who stand up for themselves by posting pictures on social media and speaking up for themselves and women everywhere.

You’ve already broken barriers by starring in DNCE’s music video. Would you ever consider acting?

I had such an amazing time on set and definitely caught the acting bug. I would love to do it again! Hopefully one day I can even have my own talk show.