Ashley Judd Suffers Renewed Backlash for Stance on Social Media Abuse: Read the Messages

ashley judd kentucky basketball - H 2015
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ashley judd kentucky basketball - H 2015

"Your 'outrage' over sexual harassment is nothing more than a cynical attempt to promote your latest movie."

Ashley Judd's powerful essay on online harassment this week has triggered a new wave of violent and sexist threats on the Internet.

Judd shared her essay on Facebook, and her post has more than 1,000 comments. Many of the comments are messages of support and gratitude toward the actress, but there are also negative comments as well.

One user told her to "shut up and grow up." "She should have just done a sex tape if she wanted publicity. It must suck to be a washed up actress in hollyweird," wrote another user, who also called her a c—. Another man said "You're an absolute smokeshow but you are beyond retarded if you think a couple dozen tweets represent anything. Get some thicker skin you f—ing nitwit."

One person suggested that Judd "have a baby or adopt" because she has too much time on her hands. A man said Judd is "not aging well" and "now looks like a used condom." Judd's essay had told the people who harass her to "kiss her ass" so one Facebook user found it appropriate to reply with, "Gotta have a ass before you get raped in it whore!"

Twitter was even more intense with its vitriolic backlash. Here is a look at the tweets Ashley received this week following her essay and announcement she is pressing charges. Some were too much to print:

Here's Judd's post on Facebook: