Ashton Kutcher Home Invasion a Hoax, Say Police (Report)

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Ashton Kutcher (CAA, Untitled, Sloane Offer) is attached to star as Steve Jobs in "Jobs," an independent biopic being produced and financed by Five Star Institute. Joshua Michael Stern ("Swing Vote") is directing.

Cops were called to the "Two and a Half Men" star's house after someone contacted 911 claiming gunshots had been fired and people were either injured or dead.

Was Ashton Kutcher just punk'd?

TMZ reported Wednesday that a call had been made to 911 from someone claiming they were locked inside a bathroom at the Two and a Half Men star's house, where shots had been fired and there were either injuries or casualties.

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But the incident turned out to be a prank, according to law enforcement sources who talked to TMZ.

Kutcher was not home at the time, but there were three other people in the house, working on the place. However, none of them was in the bathroom, nor were they injured, fatally or otherwise, when police arrived.

After TMZ's initial report, a police spokesperson told the site that 911 hadn't been contacted via a phone but rather by teletext message, as if a deaf person had sent it, but that they don't know who sent the text. The spokesperson added that the message appeared to be a hoax.

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For his part, Kutcher seemingly addressed the situation on his Twitter feed Wednesday, writing: "Safe an sound at two and a half men."