Ashton Kutcher’s next two find buyers

'Personal Effects,' 'Spread' attracting attention

CANNES -- Ashton Kutcher's next two features following his current "What Happens in Vegas ..." have already found eager buyers reports Votage Pictures, which is handling their international sales in Cannes.

Writer/director David Hollander's "Personal Effects," in which Kutcher stars with Michelle Pfeiffer, has sold to Pachamama (Argentina); Imagem (Brazil); Coliseo (Colombia); EEAP (Eastern Europe); Hollywood (Greece); Samfilm (Iceland); PT Parkit (India and Malaysia); Forum (Israel); Minerva (Italy); Gussi (Mexico); Gulf (the Middle East); Delta Films (Peru); Pioneer (the Philippines); Lusomundo (Portugal); Nordisk (Scandinavia); Cinema Valley(South Korea); Wide Pictures (Spain); and Grandview Avenue Pictures (Turkey).

The romantic comedy "Spread," directed by David Mckenzie and starring Kutcher along with Anne Heche and Margarita Levieva has gone to Acme (Baltics); Imagem (Brazil); Coliseo (Colombia); Mediapro (Central Europe); ProSieben (German TV); Hollywood (Greece); Forum (Israel); Gussi (Mexico and Central America); Gulf (the Middle East); Pioneer (the Philippines); Monolith (Poland); Medyavizyon (Turkey); and Discovery (the former Yugoslavia).
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