Ashton Kutcher's 'Two and a Half Men' Trailer: Inside Look (Photos)

The two-story, 53-foot-long "mobile estate" -- which features seven 60-inch 3D plasma screens -- reportedly costs $8,750 a week.

Ashton Kutcher apparently has some pretty nice digs to stay in while shooting Two and a Half Men.

The actor -- who makes $700,000 per episode of the CBS comedy -- has been set up with a two-story, 53-foot-long, 30-ton trailer from Anderson Mobile Estates that costs $8,750 per week, according to the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

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The luxury home features "side sections and a second floor that hydraulically emerge from the main body to offer a total floor space of 1,100 square feet."

It also includes a whopping seven 60-inch 3D plasma screens, two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite countertops and a conference area.

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Security cameras are mounted on the outside of the trailer giving 360-degree surveillance.

And when someone rings the doorbell, the stereo system and TV volume drops, with the image of the visitor being projects on the screens inside.

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Other actors who have taken up residence in one of Anderson's luxury trailers while on set include Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Vin Diesel, according to the Daily Mail.