Asia Argento Dropped by 'X Factor Italy'

Italian audiences will still see her in the season's initial episodes, which have already been shot.

Asia Argento has been fired as a judge on X Factor Italy, sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter

Audiences will still see her on the first seven episodes of the season, which were already shot earlier this summer, beginning Sept 6. The episodes include initial auditions to narrow down competitors for the 12 final spots.

The live portion of the show will officially begin with a new judge and the main cast from Oct. 25. Sources say that Sky Italia does not want to penalize the 40,000 people who initially attended the casting for one of the final 12 coveted spots on the show. The process would have to be scrapped and started anew if the show cut Argento completely to start casting from scratch.

The news follows allegations in The New York Times that Argento paid a $380,000 settlement to former child actor Jimmy Bennett for a sexual assault in California when he was 17 and she was 37. The age of consent in California is 18. She has admitted to the payout, but has denied all charges.

Italian papers first reported that she has been fired from the show over the weekend.

The new judge will be announced Sept. 5 during the X Factor press conference in Milan. Producers FremantleMedia Italia and Sky Italia are expected to make a statement shortly, but previously said that although they hired the actress for her TV and music skills, not for her status in the #MeToo movement, they would not work with her if the allegations were proved true.

Argento has not yet responded to the news.