Asian titles round out Berlin's Panorama

Ivy Ho's 'Claustrophobia' among sidebar's titles

COLOGNE, Germany -- The Berlinale's Panorama sidebar has completed its 2009 lineup with an extra dose of Asian cinema.

Zou Peng's "A North Chinese Girl," Yu-Chieh Cheng's "Yang Yang," "The Casuarina Cove" by Singaporean director Junfeng Boo and "End of Love" by Simon Chung are a sampling of the titles that will have their world premiere in the Berlin sidebar.

German-based Korean director Sung-Hyung Cho, whose "Full Metal Village" was a surprise hit at the Berlinale in 2007, returns this year with her latest documentary, "Home From Home."

Also in this year's lineup is Ivy Ho's "Claustrophobia," which comes to Berlin after garnering critical kudos at the Tokyo and Hong Kong Asian film festivals.

Outside the regular schedule, the Panorama will screen the previous winners of its Audience Award, which was first introduced 10 years ago. These include such films as Erab Riklis' Middle Eastern drama "Lemon Tree," Spanish helmer Benito Zambrano's "Alone" and the Austrian documentary "Blind Spot. Hitler's Secretary."

The complete Panorama lineup follows:

"Human Zoo" by Rie Rasmussen, France (world premiere; opening film)
"A North Chinese Girl," Zou Peng, China (world premiere)
"Raging Sun, Raging Sky," Julian Hernandez, Mexico (world premiere)
"Russia 88," Pavel Bardin, Russia (world premiere)
"Sleeping Songs," Andreas Struck, Germany (world premiere)
"Strella," Panos H. Koutras, Greece (world premiere)
"La Barbe bleue," Catherine Breillat, France (world premiere)
"An Englishman in New York," Richard Laxton, U.K./U.S. (world premiere)
"Das Vaterspiel" (Kill Daddy Good Night), Michael Glawogger, Germany/Austria/France (world premiere)
"El Nino pez" (The Fish Child), Lucia Puenzo, Argentina/Spain (world premiere)
"Welcome," Philippe Lioret, France
"Retribution," Paulo Pons, Brazil
"Absolute Evil," Ulli Lommel, U.S. (world premiere)
"Ander," Roberto Caston, Spain (world premiere)
"The Bone Man," Wolfgang Murnberger, Austria (world premiere)
"Fig Trees," John Greyson, Canada (world premiere)
"Fucking Different Tel Aviv," various director, Germany/Israel (world premiere)
"Ghosted," Monika Treut, Germany/Taiwan (world premiere)
"All Around Us," Hashigushi Ryosuke, Japan
"High Life," Gary Yates, Canada (world premiere)
"Skirt Day," Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, France/Belgium
"The Rainbow Troops," Riri Riza, Indonesia
"Pedro," Nick Oceano, U.S.
"Light Gradient," Jan Kruger, Germany (world premiere)
"Just Walking," Augustin Diaz Yanes, Spain/Mexico
"The Countess," Julie Delpy, Germany/France (world premiere)
"White Lightnin'," Dominic Murphy, Great Britain/U.S.

"Kiss The Moon," Khalid Gill, Germany (world premiere)
"City of Borders," Yun Suh , U.S. (world premiere)
"Comrade Couture," Marco Wilms, Germany (world premiere)
"Home From Home," Sung-Hyung Cho, Germany (world premiere)
"Kashmir: Journey To Freedom," Udi Aloni, U.S./Israel
"War And Love In Kabul," Helga Reidemeister, Germany (world premiere)
"The Good American," Jochen Hick, Germany (world premiere)
"The Yes Men Fix The World," Mike Bonanno, Andy Bichlbaum, Kurt Engfehr, U.S.
"Off Ways," Uli M Schueppel, Germany (world premiere)
"At Stake," various directors, Indonesia
"Coyote," Chema Rodriguez, Spain (world premiere)
"Garapa," Jose Padilha, Brazil (world premiere)
"Unmistaken Child," Nati Baratz, Israel
"When You're Strange," Tom DiCillo, U.S.
"The Shock Doctrine," Michael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross, Great Britain (world premiere)
"Little Joe," Nicole Haeusser, U.S. (world premiere)

Special Presentations
"North," Rune Denstad Langlo, Norway (world premiere)
"Claustrophobia," Ivy Ho, Hong Kong
"End Of Love," Simon Chung, Hong Kong/China (world premiere)
"Short Cut To Hollywood," Marcus Mittermeier, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Germany/Austria/U.S. (world premiere)
"Yang Yang," Yu-Chieh Cheng, Taiwan (world premiere)

30 Years of Programming -- Celebration Presentations
"Milk," Gus Van Sant, U.S.
"The Times Of Harvey Milk," Robert Epstein, U.S. (1984)
"Resident Alien," Jonathan Nossiter, U.S. (1990)
"The Naked Civil Servant," Jack Gold, Great Britain (1975)
"Tapage nocturne," Catherine Breillat, France (1979)

Supporting Films
"575 Castro Street," Jenni Olson, U.S.
"The End of the Pig Is the Beginning of the Sausage," John Edward Heys, Germany (world premiere)
"Gevald," Netalie Braun, Israel
"Queer Sarajevo Festival 2008" Masa Hilcisin, Cazim Dervisevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina (world premiere)
"The Casuarina Cove," Junfeng Boo, Singapore (world premiere)

10 Years Panorama Audience Award
"Solas" (Alone), Benito Zambrano, Spain (1998)
"Nationale 7," Jean-Pierre Sinapi, France (1999)
"Berlin Is in Germany," Hannes Stohr, Germany (2001)
"Blind Spot. Hitler's Secretary," Andre Heller, Othmar Schmider, Austria (2001)
"Broken Wings," Nir Bergman, Israel (2002)
"Addicted To Acting," Andres Veiel, Germany (2003)
"Live and Become," Radu Mihaileanu, France/Israel (2004)
"Paper Dolls," Tomer Heymann, Israel/Switzerland (2005)
"Blindsight," Lucy Walker, Great Britain (2006)
"Lemon Tree," Erab Riklis, Israel/Germany/France (2008)