#AskHerMore Parody Video Starring Heather Morris Mocks Red-Carpet Questions

Heather Morris Ask Her More - H 2015

Heather Morris Ask Her More - H 2015

What's in your clutch? Oh, just more clutches.

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, Heather Morris and comedian Dara Laine are so impressed by the fascinating questions reporters ask women on the red carpet, they made a video re-creating the experience.

The parody video is part of the #AskHerMore campaign started by the Representation Project last year. The campaign calls for reporters to ask more substantial questions of actresses and celebrities, rather than just "Who are you wearing?" and "What's in your purse?"

The hashtag has picked up steam this past awards season, as people on Twitter use it to request better questions, offering suggestions while watching red-carpet coverage.