At Berlin fest, a kids Generation


CORRECTED 5:03 p.m. PT Jan. 15

BERLIN -- An adaptation of the classic Belgian comic "Lucky Luke," a documentary about a Sudanese child soldier and an action film featuring a pint-sized Shaolin monk are among the titles that have been picked for the Berlin International Film Festival's children and youth sidebar Generation.

Generation's youth section, titled Generation 14Plus, will open with the world premiere of the Australian film "The Black Balloon." The feature, directed by Elissa Down, stars Toni Collette, Rhys Wakefield, Luke Ford and supermodel Gemma Ward.

The 14Plus section also will showcase two docus set to a hip-hop beat: "War Child," Christian Karim Chrobog's look at child soldier-turned international hip-hop star Emmanuel Jal, and Volker Meyer-Dabisch's look at Berlin's human beatbox subculture, "love, peace & beatbox."

U.K. director Shane Meadows, whose "This Is England" was a hit at last year's Generation sidebar, returns with "Somers Town," a black-and-white look at a London blue-collar neighborhood.

Generation's Kplus children's section opens Feb. 8 with the Dutch holiday film "Where Is Winky's Horse?" Mischa Kamp's sequel to her crossover success "Winky's Horse" (2005), about a girl who asks St. Nicholas for a horse for Christmas.

Other titles making the Generation cut include Oliver Jean-Marie's "Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure" and the Shaolin adventure tale "Kung Fu Kid" from Japanese director Issei Oda.

The 2008 Berlin International Film Festival runs Feb.7-17.

A complete list of Generation titles follows:

Generation Kplus (features)
"Buda Az Sharm Foru Rikht" (Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame), Hana Makhmalbaf (Iran/France)
"Chop Shop," Ramin Bahrani, (U.S.)
"Cykelmyggen og Dansemyggen" (A Tale of Two Mozzies), Jannik Hastrup and Flemming Quist-Moller, (Denmark)
"Flower in the Pocket," Liew Seng Tat (Malaysia)
"Hey Hey it's Esther Blueburger," Cathy Randall (Australia)
"Kung Fu Kun" (Kung Fu Kid), Issei Oda (Japan)
"Mutum," Sandra Kogut (Brazil/France)
"Titanics ti liv" (The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat), Grethe Boe (Norway)
"Tous a l'ouest, Une aventure de Lucky Luke" (Go West! A Lucky Luke adventure), Olivier Jean-Marie, (France)
"Waar is het Paard van Sinterklaas? (Where Is Winky's Horse?)," Mischa Kamp (Netherlands)

Generation Kplus (short films)
"A Little Night Fright," Mischa Livingstone (U.S.)
"Andante Mezzo Forte," Annarita Zambrano (France)
"Chepogi," Leon Estrin (Russia)
"Golden Guy," Julia Tews (Germany)
"Girls Room," Maria Gigante (U.S.)
"Jauna Suga" (The New Species), Evalds Lacis (Latvia)
"Kroshechka-Khavroshechka," Inga Korzhneva (Russia)
"KuyGorozh," Sergey Merinov (Russia)
"Medvezhii istorii" (Bears' Stories), Marina Karpova (Russia)
"Min morbror tyckte mycket om gult" (My Uncle Loved the Colour Yellow), Mats Olof Olsson (Sweden)
"Nana," Warwick Thornton (Australia)
"New Boy," Steph Green, (Ireland)
"Run," Mark Albiston (New Zealand)
"Rybka" (The Tiny Fish), Sergei Ryabov (Russia)
"Post!," Christian Asmussen and Matthias Bruhn (Germany)
"Taua" (War Party), Tearepa Kahi (New Zealand)
"The Trophy," Justine Simei-Barton (New Zealand)
"The Air Ace," Svilen Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

Generation 14plus (features)
"32A," Marian Quinn (Ireland/Germany)
"Ben X," Nic Balthazar (Belgium/The Netherlands)
"The Black Balloon," Elissa Down (Australia)
"Ciao bella," Mani Maserrat-Agah (Sweden)
"Cidade dos Homens" (City of Men)," Paulo Morelli, (Brazil)
"Dunya & Desie," Dana Nechushtan (Netherlands/Belgium)
"Fighter," Natasha Arthy (Denmark)
"Love, Peace & Beatbox," Volker Meyer-Dabisch (Germany)
"Munyurangabo" (Liberation Day), Lee Isaac Chung, (U.S./Rwanda)
"September," Peter Carstairs (Australia)
"Sita Sings the Blues," Nina Paley (U.S.)
"Somers Town," Shane Meadows (U.K.)
"To Verdener" (Worlds Apart), Niels Arden Oplev (Denmark)
"War Child," Christian Karim Chrobog (U.S.)

Generation 14plus (short films)
"Cafe com Leite" (You, Me and Him), Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil)
"Cherries," Tom Harper (U.K.)
"Firewood," Miikka Leskinen (U.K./Finland)
"First," Tinge Krishnan (U.K.)
"Joao e o Cao" (John and the Dog), Andre Marques (Portugal)
"Juvenile," China Moo-Young (U.K.)
"Kompisar" (Flatmates), Magnus Mork (Sweden/Norway)
"Les Vulnerables" (The Vulnerable Ones), Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt, (U.S.)
"Bool-eul Ji-pyeo-ra" (Light my Fire), Lee Jong-pil (South Korea)
"Meditations on a Name," Bonnie Elliott (Australia)
"Myskvall" (Spending the Night), Amanda Adolfsson (Sweden)
"Take 3," Roseanne Liang (New Zealand)
"Yolk," Stephen Lance (Australia)