AT&T Bundling HBO With Unlimited Wireless Plan

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The phone giant hopes subscribers will be intrigued by the ability to binge-watch 'Game of Thrones' and 'Westworld.'

AT&T is trying lure phone subscribers with free HBO as part of its Unlimited Plus wireless plan.

Starting April 6, the phone giant has a promotion to bundle HBO for new and existing customers. The promotion is a sign that, despite Time Warner still waiting for its $85.4 billion sale to AT&T to pass regulatory review, brands like HBO, Turner and Warner Bros are starting to migrate to the telecom giant's customers.

"We are now including HBO when a customer has AT&T Unlimited Plus — giving you unlimited access to Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Veep and more," David Christopher, CMO at AT&T Entertainment Group, said in a statement.

AT&T Unlimited Plus customers also will get a $25 monthly video credit on DirecTV, DirecTV Now and U-verse TV. Time Warner's launching the over-the-top streaming service HBO Now in 2015 was an early bet on how people will want to watch TV in the digital age. 

Ahead of the proposed sale to AT&T by Time Warner, Turner and HBO have focused on building out their digital distribution, including shortform platforms Great Big Story from CNN and Super Deluxe from Turner.

AT&T earlier had a promotion where subscribers could get HBO for a full year at no additional cost if they signed up for DirecTV Now, a cable TV-style online service.

The AT&T free offer of HBO comes as streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube videos challenge traditional cable and phone giants and major pay-TV brands like HBO and ESPN go direct to consumer.