AT&T U-Verse Pay TV Sub Growth Accelerates in Second Quarter

The telecom giant's total TV user base now exceeds the five million mark.

Telecom giant AT&T on Tuesday reported that it added 233,000 new U-verse pay TV subscribers in the second quarter.

That meant that its total pay TV user base exceeded the five million mark at the mid-year point. U-verse competes with cable TV and satellite TV operators.

The quarterly pay TV subscriber gain for AT&T is compared to the addition of 155,000 customers in the same year-ago period.

The growth momentum even came in slightly ahead of the 232,000 subscriber gains recorded in the first quarter. The second quarter tends to be the weakest for pay TV providers.

In the latest period, U-Verse broadband Internet subscribers grew by 641,000 to 9.1 million.

Last week, Verizon Communications reported the addition of 140,000 pay TV subscribers to its FiOS TV service, up from 120,000 in the year-ago period.

Big cable and satellite TV operators will start reporting their latest subscriber figures and financials next week.

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