ATA, SAG hold meet and greet


Reps from SAG and the Association of Talent Agents got together Monday in an effort to mend their tattered relationship.

Details of the session were not immediately available. But a posting on the ATA's Web site said that execs aimed to get an update on SAG's campaign to resurrect talks about an agency franchise agreement.

"Today, representatives of ATA's legal committee will meet informally with representatives of SAG's National Agents Relations Committee to hear what SAG has 'learned' through its 'Member Outreach' regarding State Approved Agency Representation Agreements," the ATA said in its posting.

SAG's member outreach involved an informational road show conducted during the past few months. SAG staff and elected officials met with members locally and at regional branches to discuss member suggestions for a new agency franchise agreement.

Such agreements provide a safety net for actors over commission structure, contract lengths and other issues. SAG's last franchise agreement with the ATA expired more than five years ago, and repeated efforts to secure a new pact have been for naught because of fractious debate among SAG memberships over various proposals.

Perhaps chief among the polarizing issues are so-called financial-interest matters. The last ATA-SAG franchise agreement allowed talent agencies to take a 10% stake in production and distribution entities, while a pact rejected by SAG members in 2002 would have upped that to 20%.

SAG president Alan Rosenberg confirmed that the parties met Monday.

"We're talking, and it's productive," Rosenberg said. "Beyond that, I really can't comment."
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