Atelier taps 15 for 2008

Cannes workshop enters fourth year

The Festival de Cannes has selected 15 projects from 14 countries for the fourth installment of the Cinefondation's Atelier program, organizers said Monday.

Launched in 2005, the Atelier was created to aid established directors as well as rising-star filmmakers with the financing and completion of their projects. The Cinefondation's Atelier — or "workshop" in English — allows the selected filmmakers to spend eight days networking at the world's biggest international film event of the year.

From May 16-23, the chosen directors and their respective producers will schmooze along the Croisette and meet with market attendees.

This year's eclectic mix of international filmmakers in-cludes U.S. first-time feature helmer Braden King ("Here"), Lee Isaac Chung ("Lucky Life") and Arvin Chen (Taiwanese co-production "First Page Taipei").

Other first-time helmers chosen include French director Lea Fehner ("Qu'un seul tienne, et les autres suivront"), Colombia's Ruben Mendoza ("The Stoplight Society"), Israeli Nadav Lapid ("The Policeman"), Romanians Razvan Radulescu and Melissa De Raaf ("First of All, Felicia"), Somali helmer Abdi Ismael Jama ("Queleh") and Vietnam's Phang Dang Di ("Bi, Don't Be Afraid").

Rounding out the Atelier lineup are China's Lou Ye ("Bitch"), Hungarian Benedek Fliegauf ("Womb"), Oleg Novkovic ("White, White World"), Uruguay's Juan Pittaluga ("Punta del Este") and Estonian Ilmar Raag ("One More Croissant").