Atlas on map with reality


Atlas Media is teaming with Discovery Communications and Beyond Distribution to launch several programming deals, including a reality series development agreement with blogger Tionna Smalls.

Among the new series are "Dr. G: Medical Examiner," a one-hour program -- airing on TLC and previously the top-rated program on Discovery Health Channel -- that follows medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia; "Art Attack With Lee Sandstead," a new half-hour Travel Channel series that explores famous art museums; and "Engineered," a Beyond Distribution one-hour original series hosted by author Marshall Brain ( that goes inside the world of product design, manufacturing and testing.

Other specials include the "Classic Library Package," which consists of more than 110 hours of original programming, including: several one-hour Curious World Specials ("Things You Have to See to Believe," "Freaky Foods," "Most Expensive Hotel Rooms"); two docudramas (Discovery Channel's "Alien Abduction" and TLC's "Caught"); a tribute to America's most famous highway in "RT 66"; and the Travel Channel's "Exotic Islands," hosted by supermodel Hunter Reno.