Design Duo Behind Hollywood-Loved Attico Explain Robe Dressing and How Cher Inspires Them

Courtesy of Attico
Attico designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini

Margot Robbie, Michelle Williams, Beyonce and Katy Perry are all fans of the Italian fashion brand.

Italian fashion designers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio have made a buzzy business out of luxe, boudoir-inspired dresses and robes. The design duo behind Milan-based fashion label Attico, launched in 2016, touched down in L.A. this week to fete the introduction of their collection at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. While in town, the designers also celebrated an exclusive FWRD x Attico capsule line of tie-dyed silk dresses and embellished mini skirts at a party on Tuesday night hosted by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Tordini and Ambrosio told THR that they visit L.A. at least twice a year to shop for vintage inspiration and how Attico’s easy glamour is having a Hollywood moment. Last Monday, Naomi Watts donned a bubblegum pink Attico dress from the fall 2018 collection at the TriBeCa Ball in New York; Margot Robbie, Michelle Williams, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce and Katy Perry have also stepped out in Attico.

Here’s what Tordini had to say about the brand’s meteoric rise in Hollywood, robe dressing and who they would love to dress.


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THR: So the name Attico translates to “penthouse”?

Ambrosio: Yes, because we were thinking about women in their apartments and we started with the idea of the robe. It’s one of the most iconic pieces in our collection. We really like this item because we think it’s super-feminine and what women want to wear, because it’s quite easy to wear. You can make it an evening piece or dress it down during the day. It’s very versatile. We also wanted to create a mix of what’s in a real closet. Maybe one day you feel like wearing a romantic dress, but the night after you feel like wearing a mini dress that’s more of an ‘80s party dress.

Robe dressing seems to be a thing. In the post-Weinstein era, would you say that a robe can empower a woman?

I think the robe, at least how we propose it, has the right balance of what you show and what you don’t show. But I wouldn’t push this position.

Your brand has quickly hit the red carpet on some major celebs.

We didn’t expect this. It was such a surprise. When we see Attico on the red carpet it is just a dream. It’s so exciting for us to see our creations on such talented actresses, because we’re still a new, emerging brand.

Is there anyone who’d you like to see wearing your designs?

Rihanna! We’ve been trying. And Gilda wants to see our dresses on Cher. A lot of the pieces are inspired by Cher ’s wardrobe; when she performed in the past, she had some insane pieces. And we’ve had one robe jacket named Cher since the beginning that we show worn over pants or jeans, and it carries over from season to season.


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Your leather ankle cuffs are so chic. What’s next in terms of accessories?

Accessories were always part of the plan, to complete the wardrobe. In spring 2017, we added footwear [from thigh-high boots to slingbacks and mules] and the pouch bags. And we did a jewelry collaboration for fall-winter with French jewelry designer Alican Icoz. I think sunglasses may be next for spring 2019.

Attico seems to have a vintage vibe.

Yes, there’s always this vintage-retro vibe in our pieces from a mix of decades, but we never have a specific inspiration. One dress is more ‘40s but then we have some more extravagant pieces from the ‘80s with bigger shoulders, especially in our fall collection. We both love vintage and we do a lot of research. That’s actually why we come to L.A. so often because there’s a lot of inspiration here and a lot of good places to find very unique pieces. But it’s very secret, so I’m not gonna share them with you.

Alright then. Anything else you love about L.A., places you like to hang out?

The food! We always enjoy Cafe Gratitude and these places where you can have the healthy bowls; you don’t find that in Milan, because we just have pasta and it’s very traditional. This is a whole new way of eating.