Aubrey Plaza on Possible 'Parks and Recreation' Reboot: "I'll Do Anything With Those People"

The 'Legion' actress sat down with THR to discuss the arc of her character on the FX show — and her thoughts on rebooting her former NBC hit.

Aubrey Plaza’s character Lenny Busker on FX’s Legion is different from any role the actress has played before, not to mention unique on television. With season two well underway, Plaza sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to talk about her role and her experience on the show — and also expressed her interest in a Parks and Recreation reboot.

Lenny, a deceased woman whom a powerful mutant reanimates in order to manipulate protagonist Haller (Dan Stevens), is “an amazing character because I kind of get to play multiple characters in one, which is really rare,” Plaza said.

She explained to THR how Lenny’s journey in season two is drastically different from the previous season now that Lenny’s consciousness has been trapped by the Shadow King within Oliver Bird’s mind.

“My character’s journey is wildly different because in the first season, I kind of have this trajectory where I become this psychic mutant villain that’s basically taking over my body, and in the second season, I’m not really being used by him anymore but I’m still being controlled by him, and I’m not human,” she said. “I don’t even know if I’m real or where I am. I’m kind of flailing around on the astroplanes, so it’s a very different journey for me. It’s a more inward kind of journey.”

With television reboots still on the rise, some fans have wondered whether NBC's Parks and Recreation might get the treatment. If so, would Plaza return as her former character April Ludgate?

“It feels too soon for that, but I mean, yeah, I’ll do anything with those people,” she said. “They’re the best people ever. I’d rather do a movie.”

Legion airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.