Aubrey Plaza Roasts Hostless Oscars in Spirit Awards Promo


"Watch an awards show with a host. Hosted by me, host Aubrey Plaza. I will host," the comedian quipped in the first promo for the ceremony, airing Feb. 23.

While the Academy Awards appears to be proceeding sans host this year, Aubrey Plaza wants to assure television viewers that there is one show that will not lack an emcee: the Independent Spirit Awards, as she explained in the first promo for the event, released Friday.

"What do the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards have that the award shows don’t have? An actual fucking host," the actress says in the promo. "Watch an awards show with a host. Hosted by me, host Aubrey Plaza. I will host," she further quipped.

The Academy has yet to select a new host following Kevin Hart stepping down in December after facing backlash for controversial, homophobic jokes that resurfaced from his Twitter. Despite being asked whether he would emcee the high-profile awards show, which was rumored to be a possibility, the comedian assured that he wouldn’t because he’s "over the moment."

Now, it appears that the show won't have a traditional host at all, but rather a rotating cast of stars to introduce various segments, including appearances by members of Marvel's Avengers franchise.

The Spirit Awards will take place a day prior to the Academy Awards broadcast, airing exclusively on IFC at 2 p.m. PT/ 5 p.m. ET on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Watch the promo below.