Aubrey Plaza on Social Media: "The Negatives Are Scary"

The actress, who plays a cyber stalker in 'Ingrid Goes West,' and her co-stars weigh in on the pros and cons of social media.

Aubrey Plaza says the negative aspects of using social media can be "scary."

Plaza, who plays cyber stalker Ingrid in the new film Ingrid Goes West, acknowledges that using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms have positive and negative consequences.

"There are really positive things that come out of social media," she told The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of the movie Thursday night at the Arclight Hollywood. "It brings people together, it connects people, you can find support online through social media, but I think the negatives are scary."

While her co-stars admit that social media is a powerful tool when used correctly, they all agree it is easy to abuse.  

"I have fun with it. I really enjoy it, but it's really addictive," said Pom Klementieff.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Taylor, a young social media influencer whom Ingrid stalks, says she's only recently ventured into the world of social media and is still getting comfortable with it.

"I'm working with my own relationship to social media," she said. "It’s a new relationship that we have started. It's only a few months old, and I am working towards a healthy relationship with it."

(Incidentally, Plaza and Olsen intentionally wore the same Marc Jacobs dress, in a nod to the movie's storyline.)

The film highlights one of the negative aspects of social media, the ability to falsely portray oneself or only feature the best parts of someone's life.  

"I think this is the most important part of the film," said Billy Magnussen, who plays Taylor's brother, Nicky. "I think social media is a very powerful tool that can share information across vast distances and can do really great things, but at the same time there's a dark side because of the falseness of it all. I think we have a president elected because of the falseness of it."

Ingrid Goes West is set to hit theaters Aug. 11. 

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