Audrina Patridge: How My New Show Is Different From 'The Hills'

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The reality star returns to TV in the VH1 series "Audrina," from executive producer Mark Burnett.

Audrina Patridge is back on TV after spending six seasons on MTV's The Hills.

But she says her new VH1 show, Audrina, which is executive produced by Mark Burnett, will be much different than her previous series.

On The Hills, "I never really got a chance to voice my opinion or to show my side," Patridge told the Los Angeles Times. "I never allowed MTV to film my family life or more deeply into my personal life. This show, everyone is going to see everything. My family is not doing this because we want to be famous; they're not doing it to be the next Kardashians. They're doing it strictly to be supportive."

She says she initially resisted the idea of signing on for another reality show but became convinced after she met with Burnett.

"As The Hills was getting ready to wrap, my manager at the time kept saying we were being approached to do my own show," said Patridge, who also is a producer on her new series. "MTV had always wanted that for The Hills -- my personal life, my real friends, my family -- but I was always like, no! I didn't know how they would edit. Then I met with Mark Burnett. It was like day and night. He understood my worries of what I went through with The Hills and that I didn't want to go through them again -- just being portrayed as someone I wasn't or being pushed into situations that don't reflect who I really am. He agreed that if we do it, it'd be real. Raw."

She said that wasn't always the case on The Hills. She claims that by the end of Season 3, producers began moving away from reality into manipulation of story lines.

But with her new show, "there's not all this lighting set up," Patridge said. "The camera guys really hold the cameras and really follow us. It's not us sitting down and the crew sets up three cameras on a tripod and you're not allowed to move. We just get to be ourselves. We get to talk about what we want to talk about."

Audrina airs Sunday nights on VH1.