Aurora Asks Locals to Weigh in on Fate of 'Dark Knight' Theater

Dark Knight Shooting Police Theater Exterior - P 2012
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Dark Knight Shooting Police Theater Exterior - P 2012

Mass shooting sites have dealt with tragedy in different ways.

It has been a little over one month since the nightmarish shooting at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colo., and the Cinemark theater that served as the crime scene still remains shuttered.

Now, via its Facebook page, the City of Aurora is canvassing residents about what they feel should happen to the Century 16 multiplex, located at the Town Center at Aurora shopping mall.

"Now is your chance to share your opinion on what should happen," the posting reads. "Please take a few minutes to provide your thoughts at the following link."

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The link takes readers to a survey called "The Future of the Theater," and asks locals to "take a few minutes to tell us [their] thoughts" about what they think is the most appropriate course of action. The submissions are then forwarded to Cinemark for consideration.

Mass shooting sites have dealt with tragedy in different ways: The Safeway grocery store in Tucson, Arizona --  where six people lost their lives and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords suffered a life-threatening bullet to the head in January 2011 -- was open for business just one week later.

But the cafeteria on the Norwegian island of Utoya where 13 young people attending summer camp were killed by a gunman in 2011 was demolished after the attacks.

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Meanwhile, CBS News reports that James Holmes, the alleged Aurora shooter, had met with three separate mental health professionals at the University of Colorado -- where he had been a PhD student in neuroscience before dropping out last June -- prior to the shooting. Only one has been publicly disclosed: Dr. Lynne Fenton, to whom Holmes sent a package of material before the killings, which was recovered in the campus mail room.

Lawyers for the defense are seeking to have the contents of the package made confidential and turned over to them immediately.