Aurora Shooting Victim Asks Presidential Candidates for a Gun Control Plan (Video)

Over two months since the mass shooting in Aurora, a survivor of the tragedy produces a PSA addressing a largely unaddressed issue.

Stephen Barton has gone from victim to advocate.

One of the 58 injured survivors of the mass shooting in an Aurora, Colorado theater during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises that killed 12, Barton has gone public in a non-partisan public service message asking both President Obama and Mitt Romney to offer up a plan to curb gun violence. He cites statistics that say 48,000 Americans will die of gun violence in the next four years -- nearly 9,000 died from firearms in 2010 -- and requests that voters watching this week's debate watch closely for any blueprint to lower that number.

The case gainst the shooter in the Colorado rampage, James Holmes, continues to be built; recently released documents reveal that he threatened his professor at the University of Colorado, leading to his dismissal from campus and voluntary withdrawal from the school. He also sent a package to his one-time psychologist. that allegedly contained a notebook that described his plans for the attack.